One-Page Website Design

When your website turns yet another visitor into a future best customer

It’s not magic. It’s strategy. AFV One sites are strategically designed to resonate with your ideal customer. They provide a solid foundation for your business — and everything you need for a professional web presence (minus the big price tag).

High-Quality Web Presence
Expertise You Can Depend On
Small Investment / Big ROI

Is AFV One right for your business?

Our all-in-one solution offers a professional yet affordable web presence and worry-free, done-for-you maintenance. It’s ideal for any business with simpler needs that doesn’t have the in-house resources or expertise to effectively create and manage a good website — especially:


  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Accountants
  • Financial planners
  • Consultants


  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Landscapers
  • HVAC technicians

Your business website should not be this stressful…

You paid someone what felt like a lot of money, but the site you got isn’t winning anyone over.
You cringe or even apologize every time you share your URL with a prospective client.
You’ve sunk countless hours into DIYing a site that still has problems; it all feels like a waste.
You spent 4 or 5 figures on a website that looks amazing. New business brought in? Single digits.


A Fearless Venture creates and cares for high-ROI websites that support small entrepreneurial businesses by freeing up time and maximizing small budgets.

Expertise You’ll Appreciate

We’re web veterans, and small/tiny biz pros. We always have your overall business interests in mind — even when it means talking you out of something. If you’re at all like our other clients, you’ll come to trust & value our advice.

A Worry-Free Web Presence

No one talks about the upkeep even a single-page website requires. Maybe because it’s boring & hard to appreciate…until disaster strikes. Even if you don’t ask us for the boring details, we’ll protect your site 24/7/365.

Solid Foundation for Growth

An AFV One website is laser-focused on your single most important goal, honing in on and attracting only people who’ll be good customers. When you’re ready to expand into supporting goals, your website will be, too.

Just a few of our fans

Jessie & Ari Adler of Trekers

I’ve enjoyed knowing that our backend stuff is just taken care of and I don’t have to waste time worrying about it or trying to address issues when they arise with plugin updates, etc.

Ari Adler
Todd Bingham - Certified Driving Instructor at Confident Driving Academy

I run a single instructor driving school and needed a website that would minimize time spent on administrative tasks. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than working with AFV.

Todd D Bingham

We got a new customer today as a direct result of the website. He found our site with Google Search, then chose us specifically because of the points included on the website.

Rich & Eli Mikelic
Website conversion copywriter and AFV client Sarah Kuiken, with her Siberian Husky Orion.

I got the expertise I needed without a big budget or lengthy timeline. AFV transformed my all-over-the-place multi-page site into a simple, elegant web presence.

Sarah Kuiken

Feeling forced to compromise on your business website?

Not-fun fact: Websites are expensive. So much so that it can drive a budget-minded business owner to do things that don't make good business sense.

Like hiring a cut-rate "designer" who doesn't understand what sells. Or pouring countless hours into DIYing a website at the expense of everything else.

The truth about website design is, you don't need an expensive custom site as much as you need the expertise of an experienced designer who knows small business.

With AFV One, you don't have to settle. You'll get the experienced help and resources you need in a super-affordable package. Is it right for your business? Get in touch and find out.

Talk soon,
Teresa @ A Fearless Venture

How It Works

A few weeks is all it takes to create a professional web presence for your business. Get started for $199.

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What's This All about?

AFV One is an affordable single-page website design, hosting and care service for small and micro businesses, or for small projects within larger businesses.

Who is AFV?

AFV is an acronym for A Fearless Venture, the creators of AFV One.