Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our one-page websites? We may have an answer ready for you below. If not, ask your own question.

I have concerns about the upfront cost of the AFV One package. Can I really afford this as a small business owner?

We understand the importance of managing costs as a small business owner. That’s why we created a simpler website that requires fewer hours to build, and why we spread the cost over an entire year. This allows you to invest in your online presence without a significant upfront financial burden. We believe that a professional web presence is crucial for businesses like yours to attract new customers and establish credibility. However, we also recognize that every business has unique financial considerations and varying priorities.

If the cost of an AFV One package would mean exceeding a commonly recommended small business marketing budget (5-12% of annual revenue), you should postpone it unless you have the ability and desire to make a personal contribution to your business without incurring financial hardship.

I’ve tried DIY website solutions in the past. How is AFV One different? Why should I invest in a professional service?

You are not alone. Like many small businesses, several of our clients have attempted DIY website solutions. We recognize the value in taking a hands-on approach to your online presence, and it’s absolutely what you should do if your marketing budget falls below the commonly advised amounts mentioned above. However, we offer a comprehensive package that goes beyond just a website and addresses several areas where most DIY sites fall short.

An AFV One site is professionally designed and built for you, and includes worry-free maintenance, software updates, and expert guidance to ensure that your online presence remains professional and up-to-date. We believe that having a professionally created one-page website can make a significant impact on your business’s online visibility and customer perception. If you’ve had concerns about the effectiveness of DIY solutions in the past, we encourage you to consider the long-term benefits of a professionally managed online presence.

How can a one-page website enhance my online presence and attract more customers?

We get it – the idea of a one-page website may raise questions about its effectiveness in enhancing your online presence. But a one-page website, when professionally created, can serve as a focused and impactful online platform to showcase your services, expertise, and unique value proposition. It can effectively convey your brand identity and key information to potential customers, leading to increased engagement and inquiries.

While a one-page website may not suit every business’s needs, for many small and independent businesses, it can be a cost-effective and efficient way to establish a professional online presence. If your business requires additional pages or features, ask us about customized solutions that align with your specific goals and requirements.

I’m concerned about the time commitment required to provide input and feedback for the website development process. How much of my time will be needed?

We have some good news: Everything about AFV One simplifies and minimizes the time commitment required from you. Our streamlined approach and expert guidance ensure that we gather the necessary information efficiently and effectively. Typically, we only need a maximum of 1-2 hours of your time per week over the course of 3 weeks to gather input and feedback.

Also, we request and receive all input via email or our feedback tool on your site in progress, all of which can be provided as time allows during your day. This efficient timeline and limited time commitment reflect the focused nature of creating a one-page website, allowing us to create a professional online presence for your business with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

What do I need to get started with an AFV One site?

  1. A domain name, so people know how to find you (if you haven’t yet registered yours, use promo code FEARLESS at NameSilo to get $1 off)
  2. Well-written website copy tailored to your business and your AFV One layout; we’ll tell you exactly what to write
  3. 3-4 high-quality images that fit your website’s layout and message
  4. A business e-mail address (i.e., with your domain, not GMail, Hotmail, etc.)
  5. A brand color (optional)
  6. A small setup fee (currently $199)

I don’t have a domain name yet – where do I start?

You’ll need to decide how you want your business to show up on the web. While you can change a domain name later, it’s something you’ll want to avoid if at all possible.

Ideally, your domain name will match your business name, and end in .com. Sometimes this isn’t possible and you’ll need to get creative, but it’s what we’d like to see you shoot for. If you already have a name in mind, you should purchase it as soon as possible.

We’ve worked with a number of different domain registrars, and find that NameSilo works best for us and our clients. In addition to offering the lowest possible domain registration prices, they don’t jack up prices when it’s time to renew. They also provide a way for you to securely grant us the access to your domain settings that we need to work — without exposing your login or private billing information.

Although buying your domain name at NameSilo is as cheap as it gets, you can save an extra buck by using the promo code FEARLESS. The promo code should also work if you already have a domain name and want to transfer it in to NameSilo.

I already have a good domain name – what do I need to do?

If you already have a domain name you’ll need to know who it’s registered with. This could be NameSilo, Google Domains, GoDaddy, or one of a kajillion other places. If you’re not sure, rummaging through your e-mails should provide the info you need. Once you find out where your registration ‘lives,’ log in and make sure your contact details are up to date – especially your e-mail address.

Although we prefer that you use NameSilo, we can work with any registrar that allows you to securely grant us access. So if you don’t want to transfer your domain, check with your registrar to find out if they provide a way for you to grant us access, without sharing your own login. If not, you can transfer your domain to NameSilo by following the steps outlined here. You won’t lose any of the time you’ve already paid for. And, last we checked, our promo code (FEARLESS) worked on transfers as well.

As mentioned elsewhere in this FAQ, we use and recommend NameSilo for at least a few reasons. First, they tend to have the lowest prices. Unlike many other domain name registrars, they don’t lowball you at first, then raise their prices when it’s time to renew. And, NameSilo allows you to easily and securely delegate access so we can adjust your domain’s settings when it’s time for your new website to go live.

If your domain name is currently in use for a website you’ll replace with your new AFV One site, don’t worry. When we’re ready to show the world your new site, a few simple changes to your domain settings are all it takes.

Do I need to hire a professional web copywriter?

We are 99.9% sure you do. The value the right writer will bring to your business is immeasurable – far beyond just getting it done so you don’t have to.

We believe so strongly in the potential power of your website’s words that we built AFV One around the idea of helping you afford them, by minimizing what we need to charge for design, and splitting it out over monthly payments vs the customary arrangement of a large up-front payment. This should help even those with small budgets get the professional copywriting help they need.

Even if you’re a good writer generally, the short, to-the-point text that’s essential for reaching your ideal customer is extremely difficult to write. You need a pro who’ll get to know your business well enough to write your website copy in a way that’s authentic for your business and resonates with people who’ll be your best customers.

If you’re concerned about the expense of hiring a writer, there are at least a few things that should help allay your worst fears! Chief among them is that even a veteran website copywriting pro will charge substantially less for a single-page site than a multi-page one.

In addition, we provide pro copywriters with everything they need so they don’t have to guess at anything, and can focus only on crafting the words that reach your best customers. They’ll know exactly what we need, without a lot of time wasting back and forth they’d otherwise have to build into their price.

We would love to refer you to a writer who’s already worked with us on an AFV One site. They’ll know what they need to deliver. We know that they will deliver — for you and us.

Why do you require business e-mail that uses my domain?

We understand if you feel that having another e-mail address seems like more hassle than you want. But it’s a hill we are willing to die on.

Not only does the ol’ mybizemail@yahoo or gmail dot com diminish you in the eyes of potential customers – it wrecks e-mail deliverability (because lots of spammers use accounts from personal or free e-mail services). We can’t reliably get your visitors messages to you if we set up your site with an account that uses a free/personal e-mail account or one that doesn’t use the same domain as your website.

So, if you don’t already have business e-mail, we’ll insist on it. Along with many of our clients, we use and recommend Zoho. Some clients use Google Workspace, and that works well for them. While Zoho and Google are both paid services, Zoho does offer a limited free plan that works just fine to get started.

If you’ve already got professional e-mail that uses your domain name, great – you’re all set. If not, check out Zoho or Google Workspace as soon as you have your domain.

Can I request specific colors be used in my site?

You’ll have the opportunity to let us know if there’s a color you use a lot that helps define your brand. We’ll find the best way to incorporate that color into your site, and develop a color palette around it that includes one to three additional accent or complimentary colors.

You’re welcome to make suggestions about these additional colors, and we’ll accommodate if at all possible. But other than your brand color, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to use any specific colors. This is because we have to make sure that the colors not only work well together, but help keep your site accessible to everyone — and attractive to your best potential customers.

What customization is included in the price?

  • We’ll add the copy your writer supplies
  • We’ll add the photos you’ve chosen
  • We’ll incorporate your logo, if you have one
  • We’ll add icons for your business’s important social media channels
  • We’ll set up a contact form (optional) to allow potential customers to get in touch
  • We’ll change your domain settings when your site is ready, so everyone can see it

What if I want a type of customization that’s not included?

Just ask. We’re glad to assist with anything that will make your AFV One site even better. Other one-page website clients have added blogs, custom portfolio pages, location maps and more.

What services are included in the AFV One package?

  • Site buildout and customization costs (spread out over the first 12 months)
  • Premium website hosting
  • Site Care
    • Regular software updates (e.g., WordPress core, plugins, theme)
    • Nightly off-site backups
    • Security monitoring
  • Text updated on request, up to 1x per month. Discounts on other work.

After 12 months, the initial buildout/customization costs will be satisfied, and your monthly payment will be reduced from $199/mo to $49/mo (current as of March 2024).

What if I want to take over my site completely, and do my own updates, etc.?

We hope you’ll stay with AFV, of course, but you’re free to leave at any time after 12 months.

Your site will be built with WordPress, which is very portable. We do build with several premium components, and their licenses are not transferrable (meaning you’d need to purchase your own licenses). We’ll let you know what those plugin are when you request to have your site transferred out of AFV One, but feel free to raise the issue when we chat.

We have a good relationship with our hosting provider, and they make it easy to transfer sites out of our account and into yours, with no down time or DNS (domain settings) changes. There wouldn’t be a charge for a site transfer like this.

Will I have Admin-level access to my site?

No – not for at least the first 12 months. We’re protecting our investment and yours, so we won’t allow anything that could put the site at risk while it’s in our care and our hosting account.

Please let us know what your goal is with Admin access; we may be able to help you safely achieve what you desire.

How does the AFV One design process work?

We start by gathering basic information via email, then we’ll “meet” by phone for a consultation call. If we’re a good fit, we’ll provide your chosen copywriter with the info she/he needs to get started. Then, we’ll get to work setting up and customizing your site based on your information, goals and preferences. We’ll usually have your site live within two weeks of receiving all the necessary information and content.

What kind of businesses are best suited for AFV One’s services?

We’re ideally suited for small or very small service-based businesses. Our service can also work well for artists or authors, with an upgrade that would include a portfolio or similar page where they could showcase their work.

How customizable is an AFV One website?

Our one-page sites are partially customizable within the quoted price point. Beyond that, we do offer custom work for an additional fee. If you have a brand color, let us know and we’ll make sure to create a color palette that incorporates it. If you’ve already landed on a font that perfectly fits your business, let us know. We can incorporate any Google font that doesn’t negatively impact readability or accessibility.

As the layout of an AFV One site is crafted specifically to guide your ideal customer through your offering, we don’t advise changing it without good reason. We’re happy to discuss your ideas and help you with anything that will ultimately serve your audience – just mention it when we chat.

Can I expand my AFV One website in the future if my business grows?

Yes, your AFV One site can accommodate future expansion. We build with WordPress, which is nearly infinitely expandable.

How does AFV One measure the return on investment (ROI) of a website?

We can’t directly measure a site’s ROI. However, we encourage our clients to allow us to incorporate a website analytics service into their AFV One site. With certain analytics options – Google Analytics, for example – your monthly care reports will include a brief overview of your website analytics.

Can AFV One help with content creation for my website?

While the AFV One price doesn’t include content creation, we provide highly specific guidance for every bit of text on your site. We recommend sharing our guidance with a professional web copywriter who has experience writing conversion-focused copy. We can even offer recommendations for such a professional if you need one.

If you are confident you have the expertise to write your own conversion-optimized website copy, and you can provide it within 14 days of signup, we can share our copy guidance template with you. Please let us know when you sign up if you intend to write your own copy.

What is the cost of an AFV One website?

The total cost of an AFV One site is approximately $2000, and includes everything you need to launch except your domain name ($10-$20/year depending on your registrar). The design fees for an AFV One site are paid over the course of a year. There’s no large, up-front payment. We include design customization, hosting, and care, for only $199/month (current as of March 2024).

After year one, your design fees are satisfied and monthly payments drop to $49/month for care and hosting.

How does AFV One ensure my website is optimized for search engines?

Your professionally written content should naturally incorporate keywords that are important to your business. Additionally, we’ll ask for a carefully-crafted meta description, and ensure it’s properly placed in your website’s code.

What happens after the first year of service with AFV One?

After the first year, the design fees for your AFV One site are satisfied and the monthly payments drop to $49/month to cover care and hosting.

Can I make updates to my AFV One website myself?

No – we’re a “done for you” service. We handle any text updates you might need, and can accommodate many other simple requests. We don’t support clients attempting to DIY their sites.

How quickly can I expect my AFV One website to be live?

We can usually have your site live within two weeks of receiving all the necessary content, information and preferences from you.

What kind of support can I expect from AFV One after my website is live?

We provide ongoing care for your website, which includes WordPress updates, WordPress plugin updates, nightly off-site backups, malware scanning, and a firewall. We also handle any text updates you might need.

How does AFV One handle website backups and security?

We provide nightly off-site backups, malware scanning, and a firewall to ensure the security of your website.

Can AFV One help me find a professional copywriter for my website content?

Yes, we can offer recommendations for professional web copywriters who have experience writing conversion-focused copy.

Can my AFV One site incorporate a portfolio or showcase page for my work?

Yes, we offer an upgrade that would include a portfolio or similar page where artists, authors, or other professionals could showcase their work. When you get in touch, just let us know what you need and we’ll have options ready to discuss when we chat.

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